Have Your Message Stand Out With Virtual Gifts

Okay, so what happens when you’re browsing around ArrangementFinders.com and you discover someone that you think you would really, really like to meet?  What do you do?  Do you act like a stalker and send messages, voicemails and then do it all again in the hopes that you’ll be noticed?  Yeah – that’s hardly going to work.

Remember that you want to keep things discreet, and nobody wants to hook up with someone that is likely to turn out to be a real creep.  That’s why it’s so important to know what to do that will work  – and what simply won’t work.  Okay, so think of this – when you really want to get someone’s attention if you’re out and just met them, what do you do?

options for gifts that you can send

options for gifts that you can send

Yep, you give them a little something.  Maybe you buy them a drink.  Believe it or not – that’s a gift because you didn’t have to do that.  So, once you’ve bought a drink for your target, chances are that you’ve earned at least a few minutes of chatting.  Buy another drink, you might have more time.  It’s a sort of dance and we all know how to do it – the key is to do it well.

Okay, so you’re hanging out on ArrangementFinders.com, and you see someone that you really – really think is hot.  You could stumble through and look like a jerk – or you can do the online equivalent of buying a drink – you give a gift.  Bet you get their attention, because everyone loves a gift.

This is acutally kind of fun and super easy.  All you do is go on the profile of the person that you’re interested in.  Then, you click the tab that says to send a gift.  You’ll be directed to a screen that shows different gifts.  Choose what you like and what you want your gift to say about you and why this person should choose to go out with you and send it to them.

So, why do you want to send a gift to someone that you think is attractive?  Well, this shows that you’re not cheap for starters, and it also can help to catch that person’s attention and that might just land you the date you really want.  You can speak volumes about the type of date you would like to be – and have – and it shows the person you’re interested in that you are really, really interested.

Yeah, it might seem a little weird to send a virtual gift to someone on Arrangement Finders, but you might just find that you land yourself the hottest dates out there – all because you’re a great “gift” giver.