How Can a B**W Job Billboard Cause So Much Controversy?

About a month ago, we put up a billboard in downtown Chicago. The goal here is to poke fun at the high unemployment rate in Chicago. Turns out, this advertisement with Bree Olson became an incredible talking point. This billboard became a gigantic story in Chicago.

Chicago BIllboard with Bree Olson

Chicago BIllboard


Not only was it the lead story on Fox News for Valentine’s Day, it aired on news shows in Chicago for days. Beyond Chicago, this billboard made it to WPIX in New York City, and even aired in England. Ah, the power of a good  b**w job.

Fox Video:

Fox Morning Talk Show:

Every major newspaper in Chicago ran this story in print and/or online.

Sun Times Article:

You even have the mayor of Chicago commenting on the billboard in favorable light:

Several radio talk shows even made mentioned to the ‘job’ billboard in Chicago

Social Media:
Facebook comments, Twitter reactions, Reddit comments were just insane.

All that from one billboard really? The fascinating part about the board is this – you have a pretty even split of people for it and people against it. Every single person knows someone that would love the design, and you also know someone that simply hates it. Kinda like how our brand sits out there in the marketplace. You either swear by the brand, or swearing at the brand.

The Arrangement Finders Chicago billboard has definitely taken on a life of its own. Sadly, this board was forced down within one week of it being up. The reason for the take down… ah, you’ll never get a straight answer on that will you! didn’t take it down, the billboard company said they had no intention of taking it down. So where’s the truth?

Three weeks later we got this exact billboard back up in a different area of Chicago: Presently it’s been up for one week at it’s new location, we have our fingers crossed that it will still stay up.

With Spring Break upon us, it’s time for our next campaign. Oh it’s looking like a really good one! Stay tuned.


Add Private Photos to your Arrangement Finders Profile

Okay, so you’ve signed up for Arrangement Finders, you’ve uploaded a couple of pictures that are really great and still, you’re not quite getting the attention you would like.  Or worse, if you are getting attention, it feels like the only thing you’re hearing is “what about private photos?”

You’re looking for a hot date, and you want to make sure that the person you’re making a date with is attractive - like really attractive, but you don’t want to put it all out there if you don’t have to.  The trouble is that if you don’t have the right private photos to send, you might be missing out on the dates you really want.

private photos can show guys and girls what they're really getting

private photos can show guys and girls what they’re really getting

No, you don’t have to get in your birthday suit, but maybe you want to.  You know, something with a little class and nothing lewd, but definitely baring enough that you can show off your attributes is a really great idea.  The goal is to show people that you find attractive what you’ve got to offer yourself, so get brave and be proud, and show it all off.

Not only that, but when you upload them to your profile right away, they are just that – private.  You decide who gets to see them, and since they aren’t that bad anyway, you can still feel confident that they are a discreet little treasure that you can share with the right person.  Now, you don’t have to add them to every message you send, but if you’re really interested in meeting someone, a private photo might just do the trick to help you land the dates you really want.

So the next time that someone asks if you have any private photos, you won’t have to get all kinds of worried or flustered about what to add to your profile at the last minute, because you can upload some that you choose, when you choose – and have them waiting when that attractive someone asks.

Look, you could just show yourself in last years chubby sweater, or you can show your confidence and add some private photos that guys and girls really want to see.  More dates, and more good times – with the people you really want to date are waiting.

Unlike traditional dating, “Arrangement Finders” Will Travel Further

If you’re dating someone, chances are you met him or her through friends or work, right?  In fact, think of most of the dates you’ve had over the last six months or so – where did you meet them?  Was it pretty local?  Probably.  Did people seem to know that you hooked up with someone the other night?  Yeah – that’s the trouble with traditional dating.

It tends to be pretty close range and can really be out in the open, but with Arrangement Finders, you’re going to find that this simply isn’t an issue.  If you’re going to hook up and keep things quiet, you might be able to do it in the area where you live, but for many people, it’s just too risky.  They don’t want to chance that someone they know will see them, so they choose to meet people from further away and this arrangement site will help you to do just that.

search options let you "travel" farther for dates

search options let you “travel” farther for dates

In fact, you can expand your search almost as far as you want to.  You choose, so you can feel comfortable with being a stranger.  Not only that, but if you’re searching in your little area, you might not get the chance to meet all the people that you really want to, which is another reason that this site allows you to go further to meet people.

If you’ve got the time and the desire to travel, then you’re going to meet someone – or many someone’s – that don’t care where you live, or when you’ll be back, they just want to have a great time with you tonight, or tomorrow night – or whenever you’re in town.  So no matter what your type is, you can meet them and have a great time with them – even if you live nowhere near them.

So, how do you decide how far you can go to meet the people to hook up with?  It’s really easy.  All you do is go on your profile and there is always a search bar.  Check out your dashboard, you’ll find it there.  It’s at the top, and it’s pre-loaded with your initial criteria, but you choose to refine that search and make changes as you want to.   So, say you’re feeling a little sneaky and will be “in the city” in a few days.  Why not expand your search and find out who would like to meet up with you for a couple of hours?

If you want to know that you’ll be able to enjoy amazing meetings no matter how far from home you are, you’re going to love the way that the Arrangement Finders search bar allows you to go farther for an amazing date.

Have Your Message Stand Out With Virtual Gifts

Okay, so what happens when you’re browsing around and you discover someone that you think you would really, really like to meet?  What do you do?  Do you act like a stalker and send messages, voicemails and then do it all again in the hopes that you’ll be noticed?  Yeah – that’s hardly going to work.

Remember that you want to keep things discreet, and nobody wants to hook up with someone that is likely to turn out to be a real creep.  That’s why it’s so important to know what to do that will work  – and what simply won’t work.  Okay, so think of this – when you really want to get someone’s attention if you’re out and just met them, what do you do?

options for gifts that you can send

options for gifts that you can send

Yep, you give them a little something.  Maybe you buy them a drink.  Believe it or not – that’s a gift because you didn’t have to do that.  So, once you’ve bought a drink for your target, chances are that you’ve earned at least a few minutes of chatting.  Buy another drink, you might have more time.  It’s a sort of dance and we all know how to do it – the key is to do it well.

Okay, so you’re hanging out on, and you see someone that you really – really think is hot.  You could stumble through and look like a jerk – or you can do the online equivalent of buying a drink – you give a gift.  Bet you get their attention, because everyone loves a gift.

This is acutally kind of fun and super easy.  All you do is go on the profile of the person that you’re interested in.  Then, you click the tab that says to send a gift.  You’ll be directed to a screen that shows different gifts.  Choose what you like and what you want your gift to say about you and why this person should choose to go out with you and send it to them.

So, why do you want to send a gift to someone that you think is attractive?  Well, this shows that you’re not cheap for starters, and it also can help to catch that person’s attention and that might just land you the date you really want.  You can speak volumes about the type of date you would like to be – and have – and it shows the person you’re interested in that you are really, really interested.

Yeah, it might seem a little weird to send a virtual gift to someone on Arrangement Finders, but you might just find that you land yourself the hottest dates out there – all because you’re a great “gift” giver. Inks a Deal with Bree Olson

Charlie Sheen’s Ex Inks Deal With

Bree Olson Inks a Deal With Bree Olson

TORONTO–(Marketwire – Dec 12, 2012) –  Charlie Sheen is officially down one ‘goddess.’ The ‘Anger Management’ star’s ex, Bree Olson, has just signed on the dotted line with, the world’s most popular dating site for women seeking mutually beneficial arrangements. Per her exclusive deal, Olson will serve as the face and voice of a nationwide campaign on behalf of the service.

Read the rest of this article here on Yahoo Finance:

It’s a Numbers Game – Send Messages and See Guys & Girls Come

Okay, so if you’re out at the club, and you’re handing out your number, you probably know that you’re going to have some call you, and some toss your number.  The same can be said when you choose to leave messages on

It’s simple – if you find someone that you think is attractive and you send them a message, some are going to think you’re worth a second look and others just won’t.  While it’s their loss for sure, you want to increase your chances of having great encounters all the time, so it really pays to leave more than one message when you’re cruising this site.

send messages out and check yours for the best results

send messages out and check yours for the best results

Look at it this way; you aren’t looking for love, just a great time and the more people you meet, the more you potential there is.  Plus, it’s super easy to do.  All you have to do is find someone that you think is attractive and check out their profile.  Once you get to their profile page, you’ll find the “message me” option on the right side of your screen.

Now that you’ve found it, what are you waiting for?  Shoot that person a message and see what they have to say.  They might message you back, or they might not.  Either way, you’ll increase your chances of a great time when you leave more messages, so think of something fun and witty, and start sending those messages.  You won’t ever get noticed if you sit at the back of the bar and don’t say anything, and the same can be said of your Arrangement Finders experience.

Oh, and it should be mentioned that it pays to check your inbox often as well.  You never know who might be looking to meet you, and if you don’t check and respond to those that are attractive to you, you might just miss out.  So be sure to pop in throughout the day – especially if you mentioned that you are available for a date this evening – to find out who’s leaving you messages.

Bottom line, if you want to make the most of your membership, it pays to send messages to all the guys or girls that you find attractive and see what they say.  Some may not answer, but if you send enough, you’re going to have your pick of dates – and that’s just a great time for everyone.

How to Use Your Voicemail to Your Advantage on

If you’re a member of, you want to know that you’re getting the most out of it that you can and that’s why you need to take some time to explore a little bit, so you can ensure that you can maintain discretion and still have a good time.

One of the really wonderful aspects of this site is the fact that you have the option to use the voicemail feature.  This is where people that are interested in you can leave you a voicemail privately.   You get to check them when you feel like it, privately – without worrying that anyone will find out.

voicemail viewHow hot is it to hear a person talk?  For some, this can be a deciding factor.  The voicemail feature is there for you to use as well, and you can leave messages for those that you would like to know more about discreetly.

It’s really easy to use.  All you have to do is log onto your account, and you’ll see a “voicemail” tab.  When you’re first setting up your personal voicemail, all the instructions are right there in front of you.  If you want to leave someone a voicemail, you’ll find their voicemail id right by their icon.  If you’re not sure how to leave a message, just roll your arrow over the phone icon and you’ll get simple instruction.

Voicemail is the way that many people choose whether to spend time with you, or ignore you.  So, prime those vocal cords, and come up with an intriguing message and see who gets back to you.  You might just be surprised at how easy it is to meet others when you choose to leave voicemails.

Plus, it’s totally discreet, so nobody will know who you are, or that you left a message anywhere.  So why not log on to and leave someone a voicemail today?  You might be glad you did. in the Ft Lauderdale / Miami Area This Weekend will be at the following strip clubs this weekend:

Friday Night (tonight): 11/11/11

Tootsies Cabaret –

Tootsies Cabaret

Tootsies Cabaret

Saturday Night: 11/12/11

Solid Gold –
Pure Platinum –